Get Consumed with the presence of God!



We believe in being a passionate core and an intricate part of the body of Seminole Assembly.  As a team we are excited to be a part of what we feel God is doing in the community.  We believe in being true worshipers and watching our relationship with God impact the world around us.  Our prayer is that God will ignite a spiritual hunger, passion and desperation for His presence in our lives and that we will translate that for the expansion of His Kingdom.  Resolve to be different than the world, different that the average believer, different than you have ever been before.  Resolve to be His and His alone!

All Middle & High School students are welcome. Our desire is to reach non-believing students, connect them with other Christians, help them grow in their faith, and to challenge them to discover their ministry and honor God with their life.  Our weekly Youth Service is Wednesday @ 7:00pm.  There is a time of Praise and Worship, Ice Breakers and life application of the Word of God.   We meet on Sunday Nights at 6pm for Game Night.  Come and join any or all of our weekly activities. 


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(Student Ministries Leaders)

Tim & Danielle Kennedy

Joyce Lopedito