Our heartbeat is to serve God passionately and with purpose. 

Our desire is that everyone will experience God in a powerful,

fresh and exciting way every time they come into His presence. 


Join with us each Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening for a

time of praise and worship before the message.  You will be blessed! 

What is praise and worship?

It is our life in relationship with Him, being lived and being offered daily to Him.  Worship is our lives exalting Him, giving Him honor and blessing Him in the easy times, the hard times, joyful times, weeping times, and at all times.  It is our showing forth His praise.....His excellencies in every circumstance of our lives. (Rom 12:1)

We have such a limited view of praise and worship.  It is so much more than singing a song, more than a dance, more than playing an instrument, more than a once or twice a week event within four walls of a building. 


Just as the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob, we often have a narrow understanding of what true worship is.  Jesus revealed to the woman at the well that worship of God was not limited by location, nationality, or religion.  Jesus taught her that true worshipers, worship God in spirit and in truth.  Man is so often encumbered by rules, laws, and regulations in worship. 

Many times we are more concerned with what day, what time, what location, and other outward boundaries rather than true worship which proceeds from the heart. 

As Jesus Christ has revealed the Father's heart to us, we understand that the day or time is not of central importance.  Jesus taught us that He is our Sabbath day of rest.  The issue is not a time or place, but our relationship with Father God through Jesus Christ, His Son!


Surely that which occupies the total time and energies of

heaven must be a fitting pattern for earth.

Paul E. Billheimer